Sunday, March 7, 2010



I like your hat.  I never considered the offspring possibilities of a drunken hook-up between the Cat in the Hat and Alex from A Clockwork Orange, but here you are!   I am not impressed with your gesture, preferring as I do the full finger extending from a closed fist, but otherwise, lovely.

Anyway, just a quick note to let you know your website appears to have been hijacked.  I don't know why taxidermists would be out to get you, but I'm guessing it's pure jealousy.  Let's hope this gets resolved soon because you are one Bald Eagle away from becoming a Bass Pro online store.  And the indignity!  I hate to bring this up, but they appear to have placed a fish between your legs.  Also, there are dream catchers involved.  Frankly, I hope they say hello to the inside of a jail cell for what they've done to you.

$ee Ya!

So What?  You're Famous.  


  1. Get off Ke$ha!!! I love her and the way she flips people off. I think the way you do it looks bulky.

  2. Bulky? No, it's secure. This style of flip-off has too much going on. There's a distracting thumb sticking out and not two, but three half fingers. This flip-off doesn't know who it is or what it stands for. It is reserved only for the halls of junior high. I wish other people would weigh in in this.

  3. I don't know about the flip off, sometimes it just depends on the situation. What I do know (at least I feel pretty sure) is that she stinks. Like B.O. I hope no one ever looks at me and thinks "she looks like she stinks". That is what I think when I see this picture.

  4. Poor dumb white trash Ke$ha and what a moron. Is this the MENSA candidate that sang, "Woke up this mornin' feelin' like P-Diddy"like she is so down. First of all, you and the rest of your ilk (Avril, Katy Perry, and so on) have minimal talent at best. You are not a hip-hopper, a punk, or a rebel. Only 13 year old delinquents minutes away from pregnancy like your music so just, as you would say "deal with it."